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Who is eligible?

A provisional, registered or full Member of NZCCA, NZAC, PBANZ, HPCA, NZAP, DAPAANZ, MANZACATA, MNZCCA, or MCDANZ.

Promote Your Persona

Counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists are invited to showcase their professional persona on our Find a Counsellor Directory.

A shared annual fee contributes to shared marketing online to New Zealand couples and families.

Custom designed layouts

Several attractive layouts are available. We choose the most attractive layout and colours to match your content and photos. We custom-design layout of information about your services while allowing your indiviality to show as you portray your specific services to potential clients.

Your new Persona page showcases your counselling skills.


Counsellor's Persona

Getting marketed via a Counsellor’s Persona is quick and easy. Simply fill in your details on our email registration form and your Persona will usually be online within 48 hours.

  • Annual fee $180
  • No setup fee.


Counsellor's Portfolio

Your Counsellor’s Persona links to your Counsellor’s Portfolio if you have one. It includes whatever text and images you want to use to best portray your particular services to potential clients. Portfolios can be huge or small.

​Setup fee $135
Annual fee $230

Combine with other counsellors and be marketed throughout New Zealand