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Relationships authority

You are a relationships authority. You can extend that authority as a contributing author in each of our two relationship books.

You don’t need to write a whole book to be published. Two sentences can be enough.  Simply subscribe as an expert and we will email you the relationship topics. Choose one topic and write your best two (or more) sentences as an expert therapist. It’s that easy.


Tell your story, how you see counseling, in 2020

Clearly articulate your thoughts from our list of topics on relationships. Some are basic, others are more complex relationship issues. You choose what you prefer.

In about five months you can post about how you have been published.

Give us two (or more) sentences, your best thoughts, clearly articulated.


Your Author Bio can increase traffic to your website

If your words are included in either book, or both books, we’ll include in the book your author bio with a backlink to your counseling website and your preferred social media page. Your Author Bio will include a backlink to your counseling website, your Counseling FaceBook page or your other preferred social media. This will increase relevant traffic to your counseling website. Backlinks to your site can come from high authority websites like universities and from extremely relevant therapist websites – giving your website authority and reach you can’t get on your own.

Your participation as a contributing author is a smart strategy to make your therapy website rank higher on the Google search engine.

Contribute to the influencer discourse in relationships therapy in two sentences