Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be competing with other counsellors?

No. You will be our only person in your area to whom we refer.

We need only one counsellor or psychologist in each area. Other counsellors or psychologists in your area cannot be listed with us. We are promoting only one referree per designated area.

This means you will have a unique marketing advantage over all other counsellors and psychologists in your area.


How many counsellors do you want?

We want one representative counsellor for every area of New Zealand.

Every town will have a dedicated counsellor or psychologist to whom we can refer.

Cities may have one counsellor per large area of the city.

What is a Persona?

A brief visual counsellor profile. It draws prospective clients to you.

Example only: https://rocksolidrelationships.nz/our-team/

What is a Counsellor Portfolio?

It is the full works. It includes all the information that you’d have on a counsellor website.

Example only: https://rocksolidrelationships.nz/jaqi/


What is the cost?

Counsellor Persona

  • Annual fee $180
  • No setup fee.

Counsellor Portfolio

  • ​Setup fee $135
  • Annual fee $230
  • Persona is included
Where will I be listed?

You will be listed as a team member on the Rock Solid Relationships website at rocksolidrelationships.nz

How can I make changes to my profile later on?

All changes are free, so it is super-easy to always keep your Counselling Persona and Counselling Portfolio current.

Changing your text

  • You can simply describe them in an email
  • Print your Counsellor Persona or Portfolio, write changes on it, then email me a photo or a scan of the edited printout
  • phone me and describe them to me
  • Email new photos

3 ways to send your changes

  • call me on 027 2284 570
  • txt changes to me
  • email me via the Contact Form
  • email me at support@rocksolidrelationships.nz
What does it cost to make changes?

Changes are free.

I already have my own website. Why list on Rock Solid Relationships as well?

It is about getting your profile in front of more clients. By combining with other counsellors you’ll find it easier to get higher ranking with the search engines.

This can be a way you’ll bring more prospective clients to your website and to you.

This is because there is a lot of change on the website, especially as new posts are added by other counsellors and content extended. Google likes this – so you’ll keep ahead and look professional.

How do I choose my layout?

The photos of yourself, that you send us, will influence both colour swatches used and how we design layout that suits your images. 

The content you send us also influences the layout of your page and types of sections.

Who chooses my layout?

Our designer chooses your layout. We want your portfolio to look congruent with our greater marketing effort. Colour swatches will be carefully matched in consultation with the colours in the four, or more, photos you provide.

So our expert designer designs the layout of your portfolio.

What photos will be best?

It is best to arrange a photo shoot specifically for this. Choose a photographer who is skilled to take your photos.

How many photos do I need?

Send us four.

Take 25 photos and send us your best 4 images. 

You may send more. Perhaps up to 10 photos.

How can I write the content?

Write it however you like. We can use what you send us.

However, if you want our help, we can edit and improve your writing and recommend changes in a shared GoogleDoc. You could write it poorly and we can edit it into a finely crafted piece of marketing prose, with bullets, that will present you well.

Writing for a website like this is a specific skill. We do that well.

Editing your writing is optional. Our editing costs are $25 per page of writing. Most 12 page portfolios contain less than 2 pages of writing. Proof reading and editing normaly costs around $40 in total.

So you can proof-read it yourself – or look really professional and ask us to proof-read and edit your draft copy, for about $40.  

How can I fit everything I want on my Counsellor Portfolio?

A Portfolio (all your information) is much bigger than a Persona (brief), however, you can add as much content as you want. In your portfolio can link to any and all posts you have published on our Counsellor Blog.

There is no word limit on our Portfolio and with the use of internal links on the page you can achieve what most counselling websites contain.

You can post as many posts, as often as you want, whenever you’re ready to write them, and it is all included in your annual fee.

We’ll link each post to your Portfolio and link your Portfolio to your posts. So you can draw prospective clients to your profile – those who share your areas of interest and expertise.