Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I write?

Two sentences is the minimum. You can write more if you have more to say. Several paragraphs is more valuable to us. Writing more on any of the selected topics may increase the weight and influence you have as a Contributing Author. We look for high-quality, well-written, proof-read submissions.

Can I write on two topics?

Yes. You can write on as many of the selected topics as you wish. New relationship topics are to be emailed to contributing authors about every three weeks.¬† As a contributing author you’ll see a backlink to your website with each topic for which you write. This means, if you write in more topics you will have an additional backlink from every topic in which you have made a written contribution. This is a great way to become a global influencer for your thoughts in more than one topic.

Do contributing Authors receive royalties?

Contributing Authors do not receive royalty payments from hardcopy or ebook sales. However, Contributing¬†Authors benefit by being given backlinks to each writer’s therapy website and Therapy FaceBook page or social media page of their choice. The backlinks increase domain authority and Google search ranking on the Contributing¬† Author’s website. The SEO marketing increases the contributing author’s authority and ranking on Google.

Will I be notified when it is published?

Yes. You will be emailed when the book is published in either hardcopy or ebook form.

Who owns the copyright?

The copyright for all and any books or ebooks is owned by the publisher Heal Limited.